Animal Sports

I specialize in animal sport photography and I'm available to to come to events such as flyball, agility, disc, rodeo, and much more.  I will come to events in the Saskatoon area and will come to out of town events at request.  I'm also willing to do other sports such as hockey, basketball, soccer, etc.


I have an Sport Program is available to organizations and teams that is free!  It would include a 10% donation of my sales from the event to the organization or team, as well as a donation gift basket if a raffle is held!  The requirements would include Lianne Matieshin Photography to be the only photographer at the event and provide space for a table to set up for ordering and information for the guests.  Preordering is usually available. 


 I will spend the whole day taking photos and within about a week I will create an online gallery for viewing.  Images and prints can then be purchased.  Please contact me for pricing.


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