Click the "ORDER HERE" button below for all the ordering information, pricing and the form to place your order.  Orders will only be accepted through the form.  Reading this page and the order form should answer any questions you may have.  If you have any other questions, please contact me.

The images in the galleries are proofs and have had no editing, cropping, etc.  Saving them in any way and/or taking screenshots of images is prohibited and considered theft.  


There are almost 4000 proofs in total!  They may not be in exact order, so make sure to browse them fully for all of your images. I highly recommend browsing on a computer or tablet rather than a phone.

When keeping track of the photo numbers you would like to order, make sure to note which gallery they are in, as some photos numbers are repeated in each gallery. Also make sure to note the full photo name, both the letters and numbers (for example, LMP0001).  Please read through the order form for more information.

This gallery will be removed anytime after November 1, 2022.  Images will not be available to order once this gallery is removed from this website. 

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