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I've done mostly hockey teams but I'm willing to do any type of team!   Please contact me if you have another type of sports team you want photographed.



I'm available to join your team's game or practice to shoot them in action!

I do require access to the bench to provide the best quality photos. 

$80 +tax



Sessions include team photos, 3-4 poses of each individual player, and action during a skating drill

 $80 + tax

TEAM 2.jpg



I'm available to attend tournaments where I will shoot all of the teams during games. 

There is no cost to the team to have me come.  Images would be available to view online after the tournament and digitals and products are available to purchase. 

I do require access to the bench to provide the best quality photos. 


There are two options for ordering from team sessions:

1 - The team chooses the same package and every player is provided with one. The team pays for the packages and distributes them to the families. The session fee is free.

2 - The team would cover the session cost. The parents choose their own packages and pay for them on their own.

Online galleries will be provided for parents to have access to view their images and choose their favourites for ordering.

All products will have a theme that matches the team. The team will need to provide me with the team logo and permission today. The options of having no theme on their prints is an option.  Digital images will not have the theme added. 

Team Photo Packages.png
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