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For a full list of Sessions I offer, have a look at my Session Guide.

Contact Me for my Keepsake Collection Guide that shows all of the products I offer.

Pets & Equine

Even before I started my business, pets have always been my main focus. I love taking photos of pets in their own element, where they are happiest, most comfortable and can be themselves.  This way I can provide my clients with images that they will forever look back on and remember their pets as their true selves.  I do my best to not ask anything of them except to enjoy themselves.  To them, they are not having their photo taken while being told to "sit and stay".  Rather they are having playtime and having fun with me and their owners, which is what they really love most.

I have my own pet studio located in Saskatoon, SK!  This studio is equipped with all kinds of furniture for all sizes of pets.  Besides a furniture piece, my studio portraits are very simple and classic. Contact me for my Studio Guide!


When you book your pet session with me, I will ask a few questions about your pet(s), to help decide whether we need a pre-session consult, as well as an ideal location for your pet's personality.  For cats and exotics, I almost always recommend in-home or studio sessions.

I offer Golden Sessions, which are for any senior pet or pet that may be nearing the end of their life.  Contact me for more info about these sessions.

I also offer dog show photography, including candids and win photography, and dog, equine and rodeo sporting event photography. 



I just started with my journey into motor sports and automotive photography and I'm loving it so far!

During your session, I'll photograph your ride at all the best angles, document all it's amazing details, and I'll even offer to do some rollers!


Families & Couples

Expect to have a ton of fun during your session!  There will be a mix of casual posed and candid moments captured during your session.

With kids, lower your expectations of them and don't expect them to be perfect angels for the whole session.  Instead of making sure they are doing exactly what you want, have FUN with them!  Explore with them, play with them, talk to them about funny things.  I guarantee I will capture amazing images of all of you!

I photograph everyone, from individuals to extended families, and I have a session to fit any need!


Maternity & Newborn

My maternity style is very natural.  No cheesy posing here!  


For newborns, I prefer a lifestyle type session in your home, where they are familiar with the sounds and smells.  I not only capture them on their own, but also with you and as a family. 


Cake Smash & Bath

I have a minimalist approach to cake smash photography, while still having a theme.  

I provide everything needed, all you need to bring is a change of clothes for your little one year old. 


Kids Sports

I offer team portraits and print packages, action photography and game and tournament coverage.

For more information, visit my Hockey Photography page.


After your session, I will offer you a Viewing Appointment. At this meeting, you'll be able to view your proofs on my full screen, we'll chat about the images and all the options you'll have for them, and you'll be able to see samples of all the products I offer.  You are not required to make any decisions at this appointment.  Afterwards, I'll send you an online proofing gallery to help you further decide what you would like to do with your images.

Viewing Appointments are optional. If you choose not to book one, I will send you an online proofing gallery.


Everyone is different when it comes to their choices for what they would like out of their images, so everything is available to order separate from the session itself. 

I truly believe that images are meant to be displayed in your home and kept as keepsakes.  For this reason, I offer prints, albums and many kinds of wall displays.  Digitals are still an option to order as well.

All images that are chosen are further enhanced to be absolutely perfect.  This includes editing of blemishes, leashes, and many other distractions.

For my full Keepsake Collection, just contact me!


Frequently Asked Questions


Where are you located?

Do you travel?

I'm based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Yes, I love to travel! I've travelled all over Saskatchewan for sessions, the prairies for dog sport events, and the farthest I've travelled for a wedding so far is Mexico. For locations within driving distance that are over 40 km outside of Saskatoon, there would be a travel fee added on to your session.

Will you suggest locations?

Yes!  I will find out if there's a type of location you'd like such as urban or natural space. Then depending on who is involved, I will ask a few more questions to make sure that my location suggestions will work well for them.  I try to give a few options to choose from as well.

How do I book a session?

The best and easiest way is to click the Contact button on my website menu, and fill out the contact form.  Let me know in your message what type of session you are looking to book or who my subject(s) would be and I'll take you through the rest!

What are your payment options?

E-transfer is preferred but I also 

accept cash, cheque and credit cards (paid online).

What's your cancellation policy?

If you need to postpone your session for any reason, please let me know as soon as possible.  

Deposits are not refundable, but your session can be moved to a different day. However, I only allow clients to reschedule up to 3 times. 

I may reschedule your session if the weather is not cooperating or if there's any reason that I believe I will not be able to provide my regular standard of photography on that day. 

How far in advance do I need to book?

Depends on the time of year! In the summer and fall, get in touch about 2-3 months ahead of time if you are needing a weekend. But if you can make a weekday or weeknight work, I recommend 2-3 weeks ahead of when you want to book the session for. 

In the winter and early spring, get in touch about 2-3 weeks ahead if you need a weekend, otherwise I can get you in within the week for a weekday or weeknight.

Will you edit out leashes?

Yes!  Leashes are one of the many distractions that I retouch out of my images. I can provide leashes that are simple and thin which makes the editing process a bit easier.  I recommend not having your pet wear tags on their collars or wearing harnesses.  However, if your pet needs to wear a harness, it will also be edited out.

The only time a leash is not removed from a photo is when a person who is supposed to be a part of the image is obviously holding the leash.

What if my pet is being uncooperative?

When you see your pet being uncooperative, I see a pet that is being themselves!  Which is exactly what I want to see and capture for you.  I find out what that pet loves and use that to encourage certain behaviours.  Would you believe me if I told you that some of the hardest to photograph pets were also highly trained?

This is also where location plays a key role. I will ask you questions about your pet and decide on a location based on their personality and training level. 

What products do you offer after sessions?

My number one goal is to get your photos on display in your home, not to hide on a USB Drive in a desk drawer.  I offer all kinds of prints, metal prints, albums, framed prints, custom wood print boxes, and canvas.


Ask me for my Keepsake Collection guide for all my options and pricing. 

Do you offer digitals?

Yes, I do offer high resolution digital images.  However, keep in mind that digital images are not the final result.  When I create a product for you, I make sure that your image is cropped perfectly, the colour is exactly where I want it to be, and the quality of the product passes my high standards.  If you purchase digital images, I can't control the quality of your end results. 

Remember, with any image that is printed in any way, you'll also receive a social media digital to go with it!

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