About Lianne



My name is Lianne Matieshin and I've lived in the Saskatoon, 

Saskatchewan area my whole life. I've always loved photography,

and when my husband and I had our first child, it motivated us to

finally purchase a good quality camera. Since then I've gone crazy

taking photos! I take my camera everywere I go, always ready for a

photo opportunity.

My passion is animals, and I absolutely love photographing them.  

Everything from portraits to sports!  I started photographing flyball after

I had to retire my own dog from the sport without any amazing

photographs of him.  Since then I've loved the challenge of animal sport

photography decided to put alot of focus on all animal sports, including

agility, rodeo, and even herding.  

Of course, I still love photographing families, kids, weddings, couples, and so much more!  I want to show how they truly are as a person.   I want to tell a story with my photographs.  I want to provide my clients with art for their home.  But as serious as that all sounds, I'm having a blast while I shoot, as are my clients.  If you're looking for someone who will be humorless and no fun at all, I'm not your photographer! 

In my spare time, I'm having a blast with my family, which includes a border collie named Drift and a senior lab mix named Storm.  I'm involved in agility, barn hunt, dock diving, and a bit of herding with Drift.  You can follow his adventures at #driftsadventures!

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