Celebration of Life Sessions

It can be hard to think about getting professional photos done of your pet when you are starting to worry about their health. In my experience as a veterinary technician, almost every day I see pets that are nearing the end of their life and I'm supporting their families during difficult times. I can say this from experiences with my own pets, I was so grateful to have beautiful photos of them to last forever, and I've been told how happy my clients have been that they got the chance to capture their pets before they left this world.

The hard part about these sessions can be the timing. A lot of the time it's a diagnosis that brings the idea of getting photos done, and depending on what the diagnosis is, it's usually a good time for photos before the pet starts to get really sick. If you have a older pet that's fairly healthy, that's also a good time to book a session, because sometimes the diagnosis can progress very fast, and emergencies can happen as well. Being a veterinary technician allows me to be very familiar with pet's health, the different health issues that can arise, and how to get photos that won't cause any stress to your pet.

Senior pets usually aren't up for going for walks, spending time outside in the cold, or traveling to new places. When photos are done in their home, they are much more relaxed, calm, and are just themselves. They can be with their favorite blanket or bed in their favorite spot in the house. I don't ask anything of them, I don't ask them to sit or stay, and they can do as they please. I will bring very tasty treats, just in case I need to get a bit of their attention.

Celebration of Life sessions are a documenting type of photography, and I always want to give my clients all of their digital photos for these sessions. The Celebration of Life Session with the Digital Collection on USB Drive is just $110, and I will spend about 20 - 30 minutes with your pet. It also includes a visit by me beforehand, as it gives your pet a chance to meet me and for me to meet them and get to know them a little also.

If you're thinking of booking a Celebration of Life Session or have any questions about them, always feel free to send me a message.

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