Real 2020 Weddings - Bobbi & Ryan

Ryan and I originally planned our wedding for May, 2020. Unfortunately, due to the outbreak of Covid-19 we were forced to cancel. We cancelled three trips, our wedding and many other events. As the government lessened the restrictions to maximum thirty people in a group we decided to take the plunge and plan something intimate at The Willows in Saskatoon. Fortunately, all the stars aligned. We successfully secured our day at our desired venue. We rescheduled with our cake decorator, marriage commissionaire and photographer. Everyone was very understanding with rebooking and being very flexible with moving appointments/dates around if need be. We could feel the support of business owners ensuring our needs were met. Considering our guest list was only 22 - 24 people, arrangements became much easier.

Ryan and I decided to plan our wedding in September, 2020. At this point going through a pandemic was worth saying "I do" with whomever could attend. We realized that it wasn't necessarily all of the small details that caused stress yet, not being with loved ones. Appreciating the company and celebration of marriage with the people we care about made our day so much more special.

Depending on religion and personal preferences, I would highly suggest couples to commit to a day regardless of Covid-19. Ryan and I were not rushing to get married, but we didn't want a pandemic to come in between a day that would shape our entire lives. Having that perfect day in my opinion is being with the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with. The person you will wake up with every morning, the friendship and love you never knew you could find in a partner. As I reflect on our wedding I couldn't have imagined a more perfect day. I will forever cherish the people that I got to experience such a special moment with. I know as I grow old with my now husband I will remember the laughter, food, dancing, games and the company we enjoyed. I will not remember the nights I stayed awake perfecting my centrepieces or finding the perfect white dress.

We planned the usual wedding events. Rehearsal dinner, drinks, wedding day full of events and pampering etc. I would suggest calling a head for rehearsal dinners. We had ours at The Granary, Saskatoon. They were very accommodating. We were unable to all gather at one table but as the bride and groom, we would spend about 15 minutes per table and visit with everyone. This made all of our guests feel welcomed. For Spa pampering, we called Paramount Spa 2 months in advance and ensured they could take 3-5 ladies. Again, it was all very accommodating, since we were a small group of ladies. Same rules apply at all businesses, Covid-19 safety is taken into account and seriously. We did not have to wear mandatory masks at this time, but now that it is standard I would assume couples would find it easier than we did considering all of the rules are set out. Our group was very unsure, people were wearing masks, not wearing masks etc. If couples are worried about people forced to wear masks during their ceremony or reception depending on their choice of venue they may not have to. The Willow ensured that we were all socially distanced and their events planner corrected guests who were still getting used to the new concepts.

Having a smaller group we also got to splurge on items that we were not necessarily going to plan in the beginning. For example, we decided to add a Candy Bar to our reception. All of our guests enjoyed all of their favourite treats all evening. Our cost was much lower than a traditional wedding guestlist that we decided to take a 2 week honeymoon vacation in Hawaii. (Which is still currently pending). We also didn't have an exhausting set-up or take-down.

Choosing to have our wedding during a pandemic turned out to be a magical day we will all never forget!

Lianne was amazing at capturing our day. She was incredibly flexible, professional and ensured all guests were photographed. She arrived early and instantly took charge as the ceremony began. If we suggested a photo she happily agreed and adapted immediately! Everyone commented on her skills and were very impressed.

We were worried that there wouldn't be enough places to take rustic style photographs. We followed Lianne to areas around our venue and she captured absolutely stunning images! Lianne was such a joy to work with! Even though we only booked for 2 hours it was unreal how she was able to proficiently capture so many images throughout people visiting, walking etc. Lianne was very professional but also felt like a friend you have known your entire life. We are so grateful we had the pleasure of being her clients. She comes highly recommended.

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