The images in the galleries below are low resolution proofs and have had minimal editing, cropping, etc.

Saving images from my website, whether by screenshot or other ways, is stealing. Those that do not comply will result in being unable to provide sport images in the future.

Galleries will be removed anytime after the expiry date. Photos will not be available to order after the gallery is removed.  


Create a favourites list in the gallery. Once you know the total number, you are ready to order. For digitals, click "Print Store" at the top of the gallery, choose the option that applies to the amount of images you are ordering for that type of digital, and then it will let you select the images you want. If you made a favourites list, you will see an option at the top to see only your favourites. If you are ordering a mix of High and Low Res digitals, choose the one that says the total amount of digitals you are ordering. For example, if you are ordering 5 High and 5 Low, you will order them all at the 7-11 price point. For prints or metal prints, choose the image, buy it, and then order how you want it.

At checkout, choose Offline Payment if you'd prefer to send an E-Transfer. Orders will be put into production once payment is received.

If you order prints or metal prints, and choose "Request Shipping" at checkout, I will contact you by email after you place your order about shipping options. I also might be able to bring your order with me if I will be in your city soon. Shipping costs depend on the size of your prints.

If you would like a custom sized print or metal print, please contact me.


If you are ordering ALL of the images of your dog from an event as either Low or High Res Digitals, use code DPD20 at checkout to recieve 20% off your digitals. If you are ordering for 2 dogs, and you are ordering all of your images of one dog and only some of the other, please place separate orders so that the discount is only applied to the one dog. If you use this code and not all of that dog's images are ordered, you will be sent an invoice for the remaining images and your order will not be processed until paid.


Lianne Matieshin remains the owner and holds copyright of all images. 

Purchase of digital images includes your ability to:

  • Print for personal use
  • Post to your personal social media accounts (photographer credit is always apprieciated)

You can not: 

  • Alter or edit the images in any way (including adding filters) or remove or crop out the logo
  • Send to other businesses for promotional use, or for use in other artworks, without consent of the photographer (please just ask!).
  • Use images for websites, advertising, club use, club Facebook Pages or other commercial use without permission from the photographer. 


A license is available for an additional $15.00 per image and can only be added onto High Res purchases. You can choose the License in the store and choose the image you are purchasing it for, just like you do when you purchase a digital. Purchase of a license allows you to use the image for:

  • Ads, such as for Canadian Dog Fancier
  • Breeder websites
  • Club use on social media pages
  • Club websites
  • Advertising for breeding or other types of advertising
  • Sending to a magazine for your own advertising purposes
  • Sharing with your breeder for the above uses

This license does not include:

  • Sharing with other businesses for that business' own promotional use on their websites or social media (businesses need to contact me to use my images)
  • Copyright

The license agreement will be sent to you along with your digitals.