Unless otherwise noted, sessions booked on their own do not include digitals and other products. This allows each of my clients to make their own personal decisions when it comes to their images. All images that are purchased will be fully edited and enhanced, including removal of leashes, blemishes, distractions,


I offer all of my clients the opportunity to view their images with me in person on a full screen. This meeting also allows you to see samples of everything I have to offer. All sessions include an an online proofing gallery.

I offer in-person pre-sessions consultations to discuss your exact needs for your session and also to meet children and pets that may be shy or weary of strangers.

Payment methods are by E-transfer or credit card. All pricing does not include PST and GST. 

Session Packages

Session Packages include the session and a credit to use towards my Keepsake Collection.

These sessions require a 25% deposit on booking and the balance is due the day of the session. 

On Their Own 

I have a few different sessions that you can book on their own and you'll be able to order anything you like from the Keepsake Collection afterwards. The session fee is due on booking your




Studio or Signature Session and

$500 Keepsake Credit



Studio or Signature Session and

 $1000 Keepsake Credit



Studio or Signature Session and

$500 Keepsake Credit


Signature Session - $80

These are my most common sessions. They are up to 1 hour long and are ideal for almost everything including pets, horses, automotive, families, couples, maternity, lifestyle newborn and graduations.

These sessions take place at one location. This may be outdoors, the clients home, or a public or rented space. Rented spaces would have the rental fee added to the session cost. Lifestyle Newborn sessions are done in the client's home.

I recommend this session for immediate families or for up to 4 pets.

Enhanced Session - $150

These sessions are up to 2 hours in length, 1-2 locations and an outfit change if you'd like. The session time includes travel time to the second location. They are perfect for extended families, engagements, for more than 4 pets, or for those that would like to have 2 locations. 

Studio Session - $50

My studio is currently at Crazy Tails Canine Services at 2631 Faithfull Avenue. My studio is only used for pet photography. Besides some pet sized stools and couches, my Studio Sessions are mostly prop free.

A Studio Guide will be sent to you to help you choose 2 different styles for your session.

Up to 2 pets per studio session. Each session is 30-45 minutes in length. 

Golden Session - $200

"I wish I got photos of them before they were gone."

I've heard this too many times and it always breaks my heart. I want to make getting those last photos of your pet available for everyone. My Golden Sessions are for any senior pet or horse that is nearing the end of their lives, whether this is due to old age or illness.

These sessions are 30 minutes and take place in any location that your pet is happiest or most comfortable.

Golden Sessions include a $200 Keepsake credit.

Wood Boxes are available to add on to these sessions for $190 for a 4x6 Box and $220 for a 5x7 Box. I've had clients use these to hold prints, store keepsakes such as collars, or hold their pet's ashes. Wood Boxes for Golden Sessions would include an image or engraving on the lid, an engraved message inside, 5 prints with one being mounted, and a wood stand to display the mounted print. 

Winter Session - $50

Winter Sessions are only available in the winter months when there's snow on the ground. They are exactly like my Signature Sessions, but compacted into 20 minutes. These are perfect for those people and pets that want photos outdoors, but don't enjoy being cold for too long.